Rant – The First of Many To Come


...because we all have to start somewhere, sometime.

It has been three days, but I haven’t completely figured out the WordPress interface just yet. That is just both baffling and funny at the same time. I could reformat my Linux laptop back to the factory settings and build everything up again through coding but I could not, for the life of me, adapt to this new home as easily as I should. The other day I spent about fifteen minutes just trying to figure out how to put up a profile picture here, and had to resort to a Google search when all hope was lost. Not kidding.

I guess migrating here is still perfect for that whole reinventing myself/defying limits challenge I decided to undertake a few days ago, both out of boredom and necessity, although very minimal. After all, braving the unfamiliar waters – whether it’s through getting used to a new site, school, country – is an imperative for growth. We all talk endlessly of progress and speak highly of our aspirations but are all cowards when it comes to taking the first step. To rephrase a quote I’ve read somewhere earlier, we all complain of darkness  but refrain from lighting a candle.


I haven’t written properly in a long time, and although it’s kind of irritating, I’m getting around to it. It’s not that my days are bland, truth be told the past few weeks have been the best. It has been such a long time since I did what I wanted, whenever I wanted, without considering anyone else. See, I started dating back in high school, when I was 15. I’ll be eighteen this month, and I’ve been recently unattached – as in completely unattached, not even seeing or interacting with anyone kind of unattached – for almost two months now.

The idea of being single is a completely new concept to me, there used to be always someone on speed dial, no matter what time of the day it is. Frankly, I’ve been wondering what took me so long. (Smug smile, but no offense to those who should be offended. Haha)


Just read the last paragraph and realized I’m in a place right now where I don’t really give two cents about anyone from the opposite sex anymore. That perhaps explains the recent lack of interest in my usually steady production of (pseudo-)love poems. I’m still one of those people who ‘like longing more than they do love’, though, thus my tendency to dramatize everything when the occasion calls for it.


Perhaps I should get around to reading HB 1483 right now. I promise I’ll write rant more tonight.


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