So, there —

I ask nothing of you since you are not mine.
I have been warned of those like you,
Who keep wishes true,
You who light up the halls,
You who spark joy with a mere whisper,
You who make reason for rhyme,
You who make the moment matter more than tomorrow.
You with sleight of hand have broken down the walls i have built all this time.
I ask nothing of you but one thing.
Ask me why i am telling you all of this.
And i will answer.

Steve: Putaaaaa. Sinabi mo yan?

Robin: Oo naman. Actually, tinext ko.

Steve: Galing mo namang mangbola, gago ka. Ano naman reply niya?

Robin: Isang matamis na “Why”.

Steve: At ano ang sinagot mo?

Robin: “Because i can’t stop thinking about you. I think… I have fallen for you.” Kasama mga ellipses sa text talaga ha.

Steve: Ang gago ng sagot mo. At no naman ang ni-reply niya dun?

Robin: Ang pinaka-classic na puwedeng i-reply sa mga ganyang tirada pare.

Steve: Ano.

Robin: “Thank you.”

— Girl Trouble, Alan Navarra. :)


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