parallel universe


The desire to turn back time – will we ever get over it? I don’t think so. I think we will always be stubborn, pretentious, human. I think we will always be ready to offer ”seize the day”-esque advice, but we never really mean what we say, do we?



Screw overrated drama plots, emergency rooms are the key to abolishing social barriers. It may be the great equalizer we are all in search of. For inside, even if every story is masked by drawn curtains, even if we imagine we are here for a reason wildly different from the next bedridden patient on the other side, we are all the same. We yearn for the same things. We just mask each with undecipherable medical jargon, when in fact we are all after that remedy which will give us a little more time.



Hospitals have a perpetual state of evening. Any sense of time is inexistent – no chirping birds, no piercing rays of sunlight. Every minute of every hour, one is stirred awake by hurrying footsteps, by forced back laughter still somehow managing to escape someone’s lips. Contrary to popular belief, time does not stop here, it is just oblivious to it.

 But we are all mistaken. If anything, every corner of every floor is characterized by movement and by urgency – desperate, incessant attempts to halt departure from life.





Scrawled hastily, recovered from the back pages of a notebook. Random thoughts, from Makati Med days. May ’12



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