what is the difference between —

what is difference? then again,

I was never really good at making

distinctions. (decisions, either)


see where I am now,

the places I’ve been to — not much, really.

I am still, here. I am

still here. For movement

states one must fail

at finding

reasons to stay, for leaving

behind means there is (there is, period)

something to look for,

to look forward to, something

not here. Not, here. Elsewhere.


There is not much to tell, but for this month, I will force myself to write. This page shall retain evidence of that effort.

And writing does not really equate to blogging, but you get my drift. Most of the products of this project are of course lost before they are even put down on paper, like everything else. Some of the survivors are immortalized and could be found scrawled amidst textbook margins and my sketchpad. What remains here, then, is simply what comes up must come down  at the exact moment that I pull up a tab leading here.

Since this is a primer of sorts, and/or I’m actually too tired now to make sense of today by blogging about it, I shall leave on this note.

Write something – anything – everyday.

Right something everyday.


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