be still now and pretend

I am holding your gaze. for even here,

in this darkness, where all things are fused

into a pitch black infinity,

my sight remains

with you. don’t betray

this silence with words. I am afraid,

even if I am hidden

inside your arms.

what matters now is how,

naked, you

have never been more

ashamed. we are reduced

to mere flesh, surrendering

to the slightest possibility of warmth.

by now, we should be ascending

into ecstasy, but we are not. I am not.

I am longing

for you, even if you are inches away

one minute, inside my soul

the next. I could feel you

refusing, and then I stopped

feeling altogether.


for this pause

in between heartbeats, this,

love, is



be still. for B.


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