Quick post: Prologue

Forget loving and being loved. I have another three words in mind. I am shooting for a fellowship, publication and (perhaps most importantly) graduation this year just so I could finally, finally, head straight to Creative Writing and then to Philosophy somewhere on the other side of the world right after.

UP did say they would consider waving the GWA requirement if the applicant demonstrates “excellent writing skills” which is a great relief for someone who dropped out of college on her sophomore year for the hell of it, but not really because at this point I am well aware of how much I have to learn for my writing to acquire an iota of such description.

Which means, I may have to actually start building up a portfolio because January is ironically the deadline for everything. Gah. Can’t even write a proper blog post but then again this app I installed with the foolish hope of being able to blog from my phone frequently is dubbed “quick post” and not “breeding ground for Palanca 2013” for a reason.

Hmm. More later. And this time, I mean it.


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