The Lazy Photo-Heavy Holiday Post

I would have prattled on and on about how my family spent Christmas Eve with lovely quotes on family and love and generosity in juxtaposition with a photo stream featuring each one of us in our holiday best — but there wasn’t any of that this year. Don’t get me wrong, I have no qualms with the traditional Pinoy celebration, it’s just that we did things differently — we always have — and for 2012, it could be summed up in three words: pasta, pizza, vodka.

Which explains why we all forgot to take pictures no matter how annoyingly conceited we all are — my siblings literally spent the eve of 24th rolling on the floor laughing, and by 1AM we were in bed already for reasons now foggy. Perhaps we should be thankful for the lack of documentation whatsoever, after all. :)

Anyway, I had an epiphany yesterday: I have been reading purely Philippine literature for this month. Ergo I was more than happy to receive these.

2012-12-26 11.40.31

So okay, the Short Story Anthology, I bought with my own money — part of the two-thou budget I was supposed to use to buy a dressy outfit. Mom probably knew I was planning on wearing the whole oversized shirt–cut-off shorts–slippers combo to every family event this season and so resorted to drastic measures, which backfired completely because I ended up taking myself out almost every night to explore the city and to treat myself to good food.. and these.

2012-12-19 21.43.31

Since I rarely load up and my phone functions more as a music player anyway, I thought it best to splurge on a memory card that could handle these ( and the ones I’m downloading at the moment):


.. which, ultimately, posits that I couldn’t be any more ready for the year to come. I spend more or less four hours on the road everyday anyway, so the kick-ass music library is actually an imperative. The books, though, they are a worthy trade-off, always have, always will. I’ll probably spend more time in the library/in my room/on the bus anyway so I prefer dad’s old hoodie and jeans all day everyday.

I’m shooting to qualify for early graduation, among others. I couldn’t emphasize any further that 2012 has been trying in all senses of the word, and so as a general resolution I shall rack up my plate with so much stuff, things I have always wanted to do. Say, finishing a 10k race. Hiking up mountains. Applying for a job to save up for my master’s next year. Sending as much as I could to publications. Maybe an internship during the summer. And, of course, writing, which I’m glad I have already been doing quite a lot of–

Habitat for Humanity Planner (from Mom as well) already vandalized during its first day of service.

Habitat for Humanity Planner (from Mom as well) already vandalized during its first day of service.

So after spending the whole day in bed reading yesterday, one of us decided to be normal and eat out, which makes a lot of sense since it was Christmas after all. Drove all the way to Mister Kabab, everyone’s favorite Persian place, and drowned ourselves in Beef Korma and the best lava cake in the whole wide world which I don’t have a photo of since it was gone in three minutes flat.

Me with my gorgeous twelve-year-old sis, Sophie

Me with my gorgeous twelve-year-old sis, Sophie


with daddy

with daddy

this time, with mom

this time, with mom

Legit stolen shot of mom with my brothers, Elmo and Josh

Legit stolen shot of mom with my brothers, Elmo and Josh

By New Year’s Eve, someone should drill sense into me and remind me to unearth the old handy-dandy camera for high-quality shots.

Anyway. Lazy post it is, lazy ending as well. Christmas was awesome, period.


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