Quick post: The Thing About Change

.. is that although it is inevitable, it has timing as its willing bitch.

Meaning, it has absolutely no respect for the people you “leave behind”, both literally and figuratively speaking. I used to think cutting people off from your life — even just the act of blurring them out for the most part of the year — is a cruel act able to be executed only by heartless folks who came and went as they saw fit.

Now, I have this great deal of priority for necessity. Maybe somewhere along the way I grew up and realized how each day is a breeding ground for greatness, and so found that there is no use on wasting them having to put up with, well, anything. Patience is a virtue, yes, we have all heard that before, and tolerance is its main property, but doing so is a choice, not an imperative for a situation not to end up basically the equivalent of putting your head inside the microwave and pressing start.

I have always liked the idea of transition, very rarely the idea of stability — ¬†although according to a paradox of Zeno’s they are not polar opposites, one way or another they may actually main the same thing right? Still, I’d rather be eternally in motion rather than eternally at rest. Being wired up this way has the trade-off of outgrowing things, places and people, usually at warp speed, but what’s the use of forcing pieces in if you are now building up a completely different puzzle?

We move forward. No matter how slow or hesitant our steps may be — we still do. And the things that are necessary for survival remain, even after we shed off the unwanted weight.

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