On Being Transparent

I guess I need someone to talk to. No, not in the girl-meets-boy-ooh-lala-let’s-fall-in-love way, nor in the highschool-huhu-here-are-my-insecurities-be-sad-for-me way, either. I need the let’s-talk-about-this-phenomenon-you-call-the-future-and-shamelessly-overthink-every-angle-while-we-burn-our-lungs-one-cigarette-stick-after-another-to-look-hipster-but-no-really-nicotine-helps-you-relax conversation. It doesn’t even have to be romantic for it seems like I have finally jeopardized what remains of my sanity, so losing my head over another being is the last thing on my list. I just need someone to talk to, someone who has been here and felt the same, someone who could at the very least tell me if being this petrified will be worth it someday, even just a bit.


3 thoughts on “On Being Transparent

  1. beatriceadeline says:

    I am doing pretty well without them! Haha! Anyway, Elaine, I think you know about this. I have mentioned this to you very casually over the last few weeks. I’ve been haunted by their implications and I guess this is the scariest thing I’d ever attempt to do, and so my nerves are going all over the place. :D

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