Now that I have officially (temporarily) closed down all my other accounts except for this one because I am assuming that over the next forty-eight hours some people — and by some I mean my mother — would come looking for me and this blog will be their last resort, I could now get down to business.

Friends, Mom: I am safely locked up in my room scribbling like a madwoman on that fancy-schmancy sketch pad I sneaked into my siblings’ National Bookstore cart the other day, and provided I would allow you access, please summon all that remains of your tolerant nature by forcing back your disgusted, aghast gasp because most probably my room would be be resembling a chaotic state society would rightfully deem as a “garbage dump” which I would defend by describing as “cozy”.

My sudden radical transformation to a recluse is grounded on the assumption that by locking myself up in my room for the next two days, I will be getting some — no, a lot is actually what I’m gunning for — writing done.

It would be very much appreciated  if you find it in your noble heart to donate some necessities to my worthy cause, maybe a bottle or seven of red wine, a pack of Lights, a tray of Ferrero Rocher, prompt deliveries of Mcdo’s Chicken Nuggets, and also a typewriter, so I could look the part. 

A knock on my bedroom door, from now on, will be answered with an undecipherable murmur which, in all civilized languages, translates more or less into “Go away!”. However, if you knock twice, I would take it as a sign that a tray of sustenance is now at my doorstep.

Don’t be frightened, then, if the door opens up a crack and a hand pulls the tray in midst of the echoes of ravenous growling. It is only me, reduced to a savage beast. I shall be only reinstated into society when my manuscript (and for the hell of it, some essays for school) is done. If such goal is able to be achieved, I shall be descending our wooden flight of stairs in slow, considerate steps, bearing a smug, triumphant smile, my being enveloped in eudaimonia, hungry for more chicken nuggets.


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