Under Southern Lights


Because I will always love the drama of waiting until the last moment to do something and the thrill that comes with not knowing if you’ll make it or not — or, perhaps, I am really just a lazy bum despite the independent woman facade — I just submitted my application documents and I have no other choice but to leave everything to LBC with good reason to believe that the package is well on its way to Dumaguete at this moment.

I promised myself I’d go on an opportunity-grabbing spree this year. I believe in my writing – enough to actually have the balls to deem taking the last weekend off to revise my manuscript ad infinitum was worth it, but also just about enough not to expect I’d land a fellowship on my first try. I have so much more to learn, and admitting that is so humbling and yet so damn motivating.

Among other things, I am sure as hell not giving up on this one. Shall write and read until my last, dying word.

For now, let’s shift focus to scoring that job to pay for the big move next year. And, yep, graduating — that, too.


9 thoughts on “Under Southern Lights

  1. beatriceadeline says:

    Hi! :) Sana rin, kuya! Pero at this point, I think my pieces are not as strong as I would like them to be. I am not really expecting anything, but it sure would be awesome if I score this one. Anyway about the move — sana I could make this happen! :)

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