Welcoming the familiar pangs of complete and utter confusion back with a smirk, asking what took them so long. For a while there, I had everyone else fooled — apparently, even with layer upon layer of pretense, under pretend-grace and what we pass off as composure, we are always, always works-in-progress. At all times, day in and day out, we are all onto the same DIY project: encompassing a lifetime, much stupidity, more strikethroughs than highlighted passages, occassional epiphanies and delusions of having it all together, and lots and lots of ice-cold beer.

Aha, anxietyuncertaintyathousandquestionstotheNthpowersecondguessingmixedsignalsyetanotherforkintheroad — my old friend, my delight and dismay, you sonuvabitch! Obviously we have some unfinished business. Been a long time.

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