Home narratives

I thought long and hard about signing up for this 10 – day silent retreat out of the city but unfortunately, just when I decided to send the application, I was alerted that my September schedule was pretty much booked…for a nationwide caravan. I suppose I can’t complain, my wish being just the generic spending a while outside of Manila and forgetting all about its demands and longings even for a bit else I could go insane any day now. Backpacking around the country for an entire month for grassroots work fulfills that desire pretty well, and I dare say the silence I’ve been needing shall come along somewhere down the road. Because really, come on, it doesn’t get any better than that. All the mountains to hike, all the beaches to laze around for hours in, all the new people to meet!

Also, I sent my first fellowship application already and I’ve my fingers crossed, but if the Universe decides it’s gonna keep sending me to places way before I declare myself ready, since that seems to be the recurring theme for the second half of 2015 anyway, I’m going to find myself in a new continent in two months’ time. How is that for moving forward.


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